Month: April 2014

5 Helpful Things Every Dallas/Ft. Worth Commercial Property Owner Should Know:


  1. Pay Attention on May 1st for a letter coming to your mailroom that says “Notice of Appraised Value” on it.  These letters will be sent by the appraisal districts to the commercial property owner’s mailing address.  The appraisal districts will be revaluing commercial properties this 2014 tax year due to the uptick in market conditions.
  2. Look for Information:  If your market value is raised by the county appraisal district, look for this information to gather.
  3. Find What You Claimed: From your IRS tax filing, make a copy of the income and expenses claimed for the 2013 tax year.  The appraisal district will need this only if the property is leased to a tenant(s).
  4. Obtain Sales Comparable Information of similar type properties in your area from brokers or online services.
  5. Find Current asking prices for leases of similar type properties by using and  These are free and both easy to use.  From the information gathered, determine what do you think a listing price for your property might be and compare this to the total market value from the appraisal district.  This should be received each year around May 1st.


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Finding Apartment Space in Dallas Challenging for Renters

Prospective tenants may have a difficult time finding a new apartment this year.   With new project completions and a strong Texas economy, increased demand for apartment leasing rose 40% from 2012 to 2013. The DFW market experienced its highest fourth quarter of total units leased in the past 14 years and our market has continued to outperform expectations. Apartment for Rent

Reasons Why?:
Upsurge in Demand: There has also been an upsurge in demand for newer luxury type apartments (with 25,000 new apartments were under construction at the end of 2013.)

  • Vacancy Rates: Last year’s vacancy rates were recorded at only 5% and rents up about 3% – 4%.
  • Strong Rental Rates: Our hot market increased 6% in rents from a year ago. Having strong rental rates and lower vacancy has dictated 3 straight years of continual growth.

A Few Resources That May Help With Your Search: