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Watch for A Notice of Appraised Value in Your Mail

4 Important Things to Know About What This Notice Means –
The reminder

  1. Find Your Notice of Appraised Value Letter” that you should have received in your mail this month notifying you of your new proposed 2014 market value for your property.
  2. Ask This: Once you have reviewed this market value, ask yourself, “Is this more than I can get in a sales price if listed my house for sale today?”  Or in other words, if I sold my home today, what could I reasonably get for it?
  3. Don’t Wait: The Protest Deadline this year is June 2nd 2014 for all major North Texas counties in Dallas and Ft. Worth. So if you don’t agree with the notice, you only have a short time to get your paperwork ready and file a protest prior to this date.
  4. We Can Help You Do this: Call our office or go to our website for more information. or to sign up for representation services. It can save you money.

Sales Prices Are Up:  Median Sales Price Up: Dallas area median sales price up from 2012 to end of 2013 rose 9.7%. This comparison is below the national average climbing to 13.6%. Our increase of 10% in a sales price was the largest growth we have ever experienced since we started keeping records.A person holding a miniature house and some dollar bills

The Latest Numbers: Dallas home prices are up 10.2 percent in the latest Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price Index.

Overall Summary is Good. 

  • Positive Overall: Overall we should feel good about our rebound from downturns in other markets.
  • More Jobs, Higher Incomes: Texas has more jobs and higher incomes, which contribute to a healthy real estate market.
  • Low Supply of Homes For Sale: We are experiencing the lowest amount of inventory of homes for sale in several years.
  • Home Values Up: The Case-Shiller Index says Dallas homes are up about 5% from the recession and Core Logic stated home prices have been appreciating the last 2 years.

The largest gains in a median sales price were in Las Vegas and San Francisco at 27% and 24% respectively.  Typically these markets are volatile and will show big swings in value.

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Look out Tarranty County and Ft. Worth, Here it Comes!


Watch your Mail

Tarrant County appraisal notices were mailed last week by the County Appraisal District. Tarrant County residential property owners should have received notices telling them of their new market value for their property’s tax bill.  

May 31, 2013 is the deadline to submit any protest in writing.  

Helpful Things to Know:

  1. As a taxpayer, it’s your right to protest your property if you disagree with any of the appraisal district’s findings concerning your property.
  2. In order to protest this you (or someone you designate to represent on your behalf, i.e. Carlson Property Tax, LLC) can go in front of the appraisal review board (ARB) and present information to correct the information in question.
  3. You may also informally meet with an appraiser at the appraisal district to resolve your dispute.  If you can come to an agreement you may settle the case or disagree and go before a ARB, which consists of a panel of members whom decide the issue protested.
  4. Appraisal Review Board meetings are open to the public. Notices of the date, time and place are usually posted at least 72 hours in advance at the appraisal district office and the county clerk’s office.  You may check with your district for details.
  5. If you elect Carlson Property Tax to represent you, we will handle all the paperwork and protest on your behalf.  More information is available at